Spiritual Incubation Program

This is a program designed for deep initiation into the Spirit-fold of the Almighty God. Of course, through Jesus Christ and powered by the Holy Ghost. No ritual! Just leading into the reality of God Almighty and how to summon His presence through fasting, prayer, discipline and by His Word. You call it spiritual growth but I call it all of spiritual growth plus spiritual deepening and spiritual empowerment. I won't release you until you have mastered the art, see certain things in the spirit realm before they happen in the physical world, demonstrate high level of discipline and proof of Holy Ghost empowerment. I may also release you abruptly if you become unyielding.

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Write a summary of your religion or spiritual life [brief history] and send it to me please.

Include the religions you have practiced before and the spiritual rituals you have participated in by yourself or through your parents. Mention whether you attend church or not and since when you have started or stopped attending church. Do you ever have the born again experience and have you been baptized by full immersion in water? Have you ever been baptized by the Holy Ghost and for how many weeks or months did you feel drunk after the Holy Ghost baptism? Mention if you have ever seen a vision or dream a dream that eventually happen in physical world. What can you say about the relationship of God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost? What can you write about the Angels? What does it mean to believe in -and accept Jesus Christ? Finally, do you believe or not that everyone on earth was born for a purpose; and what happens to the dead people after death?


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