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Know More About Me, I'm Mankind!

The first enterprise that piqued my interest in life was agribusiness. This sector easily gives me excitement, and I love it the most when farming is involved in the chain. Whether the business is about producing baked sweet potato chips or not, I'd love for a potato farm SPV to be part of the business. If I owned half the land in the world, I would farm on 50% and use the rest for real estate, relaxation centers, and infrastructure that could empower other people to get things done with great ease.

My second top interest in entrepreneurship is helping to bring as many people's business dreams to reality as possible. I really love being in the environment of entrepreneurs because of the passionate energy that emanates. You need to observe how authentic entrepreneurs chase after dreams that are bound to fail—well, from many people's points of view, they are bound to fail, but not from the entrepreneurs' points of view. Entrepreneurs are dreamers who are zealous about seeing wild dreams come true. They exercise two powerful forces at the same time: hope [to get up daily] and faith [to achieve]—hope and faith—both without measure.

My presence in entrepreneurs' circles has merged with my passion to create solutions for people to reach their maximum potential in life, which has fuelled my strong interest in human capacity development and finance. I have observed over the years that human development level and finance have limited or frustrated the potential of entrepreneurs.

Summarily, my interest in entrepreneurship includes agribusiness, entrepreneurs themselves and their creative or innovative pursuits, human capacity development, and finance [funding] for them.

Governance, or state governance, to be precise, has all the powers to build, delay, limit, frustrate, or destroy destinies in the fewest acts. When the wrong people are in government, righteous people weep for help. It is important for everyone to show interest in governance in order to at least reduce the odds against it. Whereas government should be in the interest of all without any preferential treatment, that is not the popular reality! Lovers of the masses hardly make it into such high offices. My interest in state governance is in five parts, of which the first four include: continuous negotiated stability in the polity; agreed and determined security for the lives and properties of all; promotion of tolerance in the mainstreams of societies [since unity seems like a goose chase in this world]; and easiest access to a basic quality standard of living while luxury chasers should work harder.

My fifth interest in governance is a system whereby every human alive is under the caring watch of government in an arrangement closer to the people than municipal or local government. Government as a system that should play the role of God's messenger and platform to protect and provide means for the people, as well as train, empower, encourage, and guide individuals to become the best in ways that would never hurt other destinies.

If a billion people are waiting for me to come tell them about God's way or demonstrate His power, I have no qualms about being the man of the day, but the social gatherings where I am the focus are less attractive to me. I am not good at swimming, but I like trying it out at the poolside or beach with different people around doing their own thing undisturbed. I love watching football with soccer fanatics and enjoying all the noise and yelling. I have loved and supported Barcelona FC for a long time until Messi overstayed and hurt the club, which forgot to breed and showcase new talents as it used to. Well, I do not think that it is time for me to find another club in the EPL.

I love gatherings that are semi-formal with smart casual wear and enjoy talking to new people who don't force the conversation. Just relax and get a nap if no interesting talks are forthcoming. You know issues and fun things to talk about will soon pop up; don't force it. The best social gathering or place I would ever want to be is where different people from all over the world gather for music, arts, creative displays, comedy, dance, and all kinds of entertainment. Do not forget to add foods and drinks all over the place, and make sure I am just another person on the ground as simply as possible.

I want to play, jump, shout, laugh out loud, and do many other things like normal humans, so I must always break the expected lifestyle [stereotype] of people for me as a servant of Jesus Christ for God's glory. These are the people who have encountered God through me, converted, or received a miracle; they easily think of me as supernatural, not minding that their experiences are the Lord's doing. Those who think that servants of the Lord don't fart are wrong!

I have received a spiritual ministry for the incoming and eternal kingdom [government] of God. The same purpose for which Jesus Christ came to humans' universe—salvation for humans and allowance into the incoming new world directly under the Kingdom [government] of God without any contentions as it is in this current dispensation. At that time, humans shall see the spirits like Adam did, but the unsaved ones will be denied access [via visa] into the incoming eternal kingdom [government] of God. In the incoming dispensation, the space left to be inhabited by those denied access into the new world is the lake of (furious) fire, wrongly called hell fire—a place made only for Lucifer and fallen angels.

I had resisted yielding to this divine assignment and preferred a greater purpose in life by adding value to the human race. What I would have chosen to do with my life is discover, create, or innovate a solution that would help many people reach their full potential. I share the belief that everyone can be great. I've had many experiences, but my encounter with my invisible Lord on my sick bed at the hour of my death changed them all. When I became well and had recuperated, I had long sessions of thoughts and meditation [the Christian meditation] and concluded that the greatest value I can add to the generations of humans that I met, who met me, and would meet prints of my life after I'm gone from here is to yield to this marvelous divine assignment and teach them about eternal salvation [allowance into the incoming kingdom], the need for it, and how to obtain it freely, as Jesus did teach before he ascended to heaven.

I am not the Savior, of course, but one of the servants of the Savior.

Kindly make it clear that God chose Jesus Christ to fulfill the ritual for humans' salvation [passage into the incoming new world from Heaven], but only for as many as would receive it. Then, Jesus elected me as one of the many other servants to teach the world about the things he taught and bring them into eternal salvation through awareness, conviction, acceptance, and the receiving of the Holy Spirit, who shall fully take over from then on.

Jesus is in heaven, and God, the Father of Jesus, all heavenly beings, and our Father as well, are also in heaven, ruling from His throne. However, the Spirit of God [which is the Holy Spirit in us], being omnipresent, activates a connection when the need arises to communicate and relate with God, our Father, and Jesus Christ, our Master. All this may sound silly and dumb, but if you walk with me, I'll lead you into the world of spirits through Jesus Christ, and all your unbelief and doubts will be gone.

Your Destiny Now


This message is useful to all humans who seek understanding about this world and to many who may ask the meaning of life. This is the map and jet fuel that the go-getters need to complete their assignment quickly.

Loads of spiritual information are packed in here for your enlightenment. You have a reason for being in this world and to still be alive today, no matter your current life or situation. This teaching would help you understand the exact reason for which God created humans, and you would understand why you particularly play a role in the big picture—although, like everyone else, you are not irreplaceable.

Be enlightened by this message, and remember to subscribe first, then share, and if possible, subtitle for others to be reached. God bless you!

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Upcoming Activity: Gospel for this Age

  • Global revival can be built up from the grassroots upwards or from the top (mainstream) downwards to the grassroots, depending on what God decides. However, the grassroots evangelism where I currently operate prepares the minds and hearts of people for the boom.
  • Why did Jesus Christ send the 12 disciples and the 70 ahead of him? For awareness, preparing the minds and hearts, and creating hunger to increase his acceptance.
  • Do we still need the grassroots in this age? Yes! Is Jesus not popular already? Yes, he is, but some past faithful generations did not hand over properly, and the fire of faith in this generation is badly weak. Secularity, excessive liberalism, and social pressures have done more harm to this generation's spiritual lives than good. God has promised to send a global revival, but we do not know from where or how; we just need to prepare the people through grassroots evangelism. Increase awareness; we never know how God can bless the awareness to yield conversions.
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